Revenue Owner Relations

For all inquiries regarding a revenue payment or interest discrepancy, please contact us at one of the four options listed below and we will make every effort to answer your request within two business days.

If you are an interest owner receiving a revenue check from Three Rivers Operating Company III, LLC and need to change your address, please submit the request in writing. The documentation should include your owner number, name, and new address. Each request should be signed and dated.


Q:  What is the payment schedule for revenue checks?

A:  Revenue checks are typically cut the last day of the month.  If the amount of revenue due is less than $100.00, payment is withheld until the amount due equals or exceeds $100.00.

Q:  What should I do if I do not receive my revenue check?

A:  If you do not receive your revenue check by the 10th of the following month, please contact us to see if a check was issued.

Q:  What needs to be done if my check is lost, stolen, or becomes outdated?

A:  Immediately notify us in writing of lost or stolen checks so we may issue a replacement check.  If the check becomes outdated, return it to us so the check may be voided and re-issued.

Q:  What are the requirements if I sell my interest?

A:  To transfer the interest, we will need a copy of the deed recorded in the county where the property is located.  We also require the name, address, and tax-id/social security number of the new owner.  For additional information about our requirements, please contact our Royalty Relations Department.

Q:  In the event an interest owner dies, what information is needed to change ownership records?

A:  When an interest owner dies, an authorized representative or relative of the deceased must immediately notify the Royalty Relations Department in writing.  The deceased owner’s name and owner number must appear in the notification as they appear on the revenue checks.  At the time we are notified of the death, we will instruct you as to any additional documentation we may need.

Q:  What should I do if I have a change of address?

A:  You should notify us of any changes in address.  Failure to report changes may delay delivery of your revenue checks and in many cases, force us to place the revenue in suspense until we are notified of the change.  All changes of address must be made in writing and should include owner number, owner name, old address and new address.

Q:  Do you offer direct deposit?

A:  Yes we do. Please download and print this form and follow the instructions to set up direct deposit.

Q:  How do I change my name?

A:  If you need to change your name, please submit a written request along with a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree that has been recorded in the county where your properties are located.


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